TinkaKadasTinka has been a loyal Texan since the 90’s and claims to be a native by birth (the birth of her daughter). Originally from the California Bay Area, her lifelong passion has been the beauty industry. Tinka loves making people feel beautiful. She enjoys helping clients see the benefits of physical transformation while enhancing their self-confidence. She is a passionate, creative, fun colorist and has a true understanding of color and how it compliments ones skin tone and eye color. She incorporates multidimensional hues that work together to create soft and beautiful contrasts, and has the passion and knowledge of seamless brushed-on techniques and beautiful painted tips. She is a master in the use of color placement and how it works in harmony with a cut, and utilizes multiple cutting techniques depending on the texture and length of the hair. She has a deep understanding of curly hair, and loves the texture that comes with straight hair. She is detailed and a perfectionist when it comes to cutting, always wanting the client to have soft lines that flow and are easy to duplicate at home. She loves to pull off great illusions like making fine hair look thick and give it structure. Tinka has expanded her education to include not only Redken, Paul Mitchell, Framesi, and Schwartzkopf Hair Color. She currently works on the Kerahold by Keratin Complex educational artistic teams showcasing their product, services and trends. She continues to fuel her passion and seek outside education on her own. She has worked for the last 12 years backstage for local theatrical productions as well as dabbled some in music videos & short films and has pleasure in taking the time and opportunity for outreach in her community. A true warrior for special needs children and the battle of Autism that speaks directly to her personal life.